Bamike Ogunrinu never saw herself pursuing a career in makeup until she started modeling her first year in college, where she would sometimes have to do her own makeup for shows. This lead to other models asking her to assist them in doing their makeup and a flame of passion was lit. Bamike continued to apply makeup on friends, family, and other models until she decided to try her hand at freelancing. Bamike loved the way that applying something as little as a lipstick would brighten her clients day.


Bamike is always striving to improve her skill as an artist through education, practice, hard work, and she is always open to assisting. Working in a cosmetic retail environment, for many years, has vastly increased her knowledge on a multitude of brands, which shows in her application.


Bamike is based in New York doing fashion, commercial, event, and bridal makeup. She is working on adding more beauty work to her portfolio.


When Bamike is not working she is traveling the world, finding inspiration, as well as beauty products, from around the globe.